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Posted on Mar 10, 2014

Even though I closed my business in December there have been two people who have asked me to shoot their wedding and I agreed to do so, as a gift. One being my husband’s cousin (TWO WEEKS Catherine!) and the other is a dear friend from Crossfit. Jeremy was part of our original crew when we opened our doors at CFSS and he is such an amazing young man. Always joyful and positive, Jeremy is one of those people who will be dying during a WOD and still cheering for you to finish your own reps. I love this kid. So, when he asked if I’d shoot the wedding, of course I agreed to capture him and his darling Anna!

Posted on Dec 21, 2013
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A few weeks ago our Peanut girl shared an entry from her songwriting journal with us. Normally very protective and secretive of her lyrics, she loved this arrangement enough to ask my husband and I if we’d share it with our local Christian radio station (KLRC). The song is a beautiful expression of her faith and it moved us. Rev and I decided that we wanted to make a present out of her lyrics so I called some fabulous musician friends and asked them to expand on her creation. With only a few days until the holidays, and with no professional sound equipment, we met in Matt & Johanna’s living room last night to record “The First Christmas”. I cut it with some rough footage (I don’t normally shoot video so it’s VERY rough) of my daughter singing and writing in her song journal. Pajamas, hair in a pony tail, barefoot…this is our beautiful girl and her raw talent. Thank you M & J for helping us create a present that our darling 8 year old will never forget. You two are amazing and we’re thankful for your talent. She has no idea what we’re doing so feel free to leave a comment below for her and she’ll get to see them on Christmas morning! I wanted to share the song early because it truly leaves us in tears and I hope the creativity from our child brings joy to your holiday season.
Happy Holidays from the Crafton family!

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Posted on Nov 14, 2013
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R & B were so much fun to work with. I shot their engagement session earlier this year and loved harassing Bryce, who wasn’t quite sure about this hours and hours of pictures business. lol It had been cold and rainy right before their wedding and the weather cleared up beautifully so they could have a gorgeous ceremony outside at the Fayetteville Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.

Posted on Nov 13, 2013
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R & T had a gorgeous October wedding on Cameron Bluff in Mt. Magazine State Park. They originally hadn’t planned on hiring a professional photographer but with just a few days left to spare before the wedding they found me! Here’s just a few teasers from their big day!

Posted on Nov 13, 2013
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I met Jon & Emily somewhere around 2006. I took them out for a couples photo shoot and from there we became great friends. These two are so loving and genuine you can’t help but fall in love with them. They captured my family over the years (the superhero shoot on my ‘about me’ page is from one of those sessions) so I was thrilled to be able to return the favor when their sweet Brooke arrived! I love casual sessions around the house…

When I asked if there were any more pictures that they wanted, Emily said, “One with you!” Best thing ever to hear that someone wants you to be a part of the session.

Welcome to the world, sweet girl. You are so loved.
(Side note, I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about sessions and I’m not currently accepting new clients. The only sessions that I shoot anymore are gifts to friends/family and to raise money for charity/non-profits a few times a year. I can send you a long list of talented photographers in our area though!)