Posted on Apr 30, 2010
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Yes, I’m that mom blogger that often loves to do the “my kids say the darndest things” posts. It’s Family Friday here on the blog, deal with it. ;) Here are just a few of my recent favorites:

Baby Girl: This one time…when mama was on speed…
Randy: You mean when mom was speeding?
Baby Girl: No, when mama was on speed and the cops weren’t around…
(we had to gently remind her that they’re called police officers and if you tell those police officers that mommy is “on speed”, instead of speeding, they might repo the kids)

BG: I made friends with a boy at school mom.
Me: Oh?
BG: But don’t worry…we didn’t make friends like dogs and sniff each other’s bootys.

Little Man: Why are you coloring on your eyes?
Me: It’s called eyeliner buddy. Make up.
LM: Oh, I thought you were dressing up like those mimes but…you know…skin colored.
(Natural make up FAIL)

BG: Will you photo-mo-graph MY wedding?
Me: If both of you want me to.
BG: Mom you HAVE to! I’ll tell the boy he’s dumb if he says no.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!