Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Posted in Craftonia

I’m not a patient person. Not in the slightest.
We have a boy and a girl already so I’d LOVE to wait until the birth to find out the gender of our child. Realistically I knew if we tried that then I’d end up running into a 3D ultrasound place, at like 36 weeks, because I couldn’t wait any longer. Yeah, I’m that neurotic. We still wanted to have that special moment of surprise though. So today, at our big ultrasound, we had the tech put the gender results in an envelope to keep it secret. Then we took the envelope to a party store and asked them to put the corresponding color of balloons in a box and seal it so we couldn’t see anything. Our dear friend, Chris, met our family at the park to capture the moment where we all found out, together, who the TLC (The Littlest Crafton) would be!
Feeling their new sibling kick me:

Prying open the box:

It’s a…


Baby is healthy and happy! We do have a little pregnancy issue where I need to be monitored with extra ultrasounds but who is complaining? More opportunities to see our little BOY! =)