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Posted on Dec 15, 2016
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Posted on Oct 18, 2015
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Enjoy the sneak peek, Hannah!

Posted on Sep 09, 2013
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This amazing lady is a badass in our crossfit box and also babysits our 3 monkeys. We’re so thankful to her (and you too Des!) that we’re able to leave our chaotic kids with someone who we trust, so The Good Reverend and I can get away on much needed date nights. Love to you Hayle!

Our Peanut girl is in love with our babysitters, if you can’t tell…

Posted on Jul 24, 2011

I spent 3 hours in the blazing heat with this beautiful family and Heather & Ray almost decided not to do their Forever Session because it was so warm. I’m so thankful that they did because I adore the images. Here’s a quick look at their time with me:

And then mom and dad snuck away for some schmoopy-ocity…

and one more of KK, just because it cracks me up:

Posted on Jun 09, 2011
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I want to crawl inside Jack’s world and live for a while. He has such a wonderful existence full of adventure, natural care and love.
And he has better hair than I do. I want to be him. ;)