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Posted on Oct 18, 2015
Posted in Kids & Family

Almost two years ago I closed my business and sold off all of my equipment except for one body, one lens and one flash. I had no idea what would happen after that point but I felt like I was being led to stop shooting. During that time Rev & I started a gym and went through a whirlwind process of raising funds and opening a community health complex in Siloam. Had I never stopped taking on new clients I never would have had the time to devote to teaching people in our community about fitness and wellness. God’s plan is pretty amazing. One of the major reasons that we were able to start our business and move downtown is because of Joe & Jen Butler. Their daughter Hannah is a senior this year and I was lucky enough to be able to create some art for her, with just that one body and lens. Her parents helped us on our path to open the gym and now Hannah was my first senior session as I head back into shooting part time this fall! This young lady is on her way to JBU for photography but she’s just as fantastic as the subject of images. Enjoy the sneak peek, Hannah!

Posted on Aug 18, 2014
Posted in Weddings

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog since I closed my business in December. I’ve been teaching HIIT classes out of our garage and talking about opening a business. Summer was amazing. I missed traveling around the country and shooting weddings but it was really lovely to hang out at home and explore the land around us. The only two wedding this year were gifts to a family member and a dear friend from crossfit…which is what brings us to this post!

I adore Jeremy. When we helped open the crossfit box in town, he was there on a regular basis and I just fell in love with him. He’s ALWAYS smiling and laughing. Even when he’s dying during a workout, he’ll be the first person to encourage you. When he met Anna, he told me he was going to propose and likened it to my relationship with TGR. We had a quick courtship and marriage but it was the best decision that I’ve made in my life. I pray the same joy for Anna & Jeremy but I have no doubt that they’ll still be head over heels for each other in 50 years. They put God first in their relationship, laugh often and look at each other with complete love.
Enjoy the sneak peek!

My favorite part of the entire day. Jeremy wanted to see Anna for the first time when she walked into the ceremony, so we blindfolded him so they could pray together. Then they exchanged letters to each other. Yeah…I may have cried behind the camera.

Posted on Apr 02, 2014
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Let me start this post by saying two things:

1.) Catherine is a precious gift in my life. I love this girl so very much and, even though I’m not accepting new clients, I will never turn down a family member when they want pictures taken. Even if it means capturing a full wedding. I’ve shot this young lady since she was 17 and she is a joy. She deserves the best and Dan is a gracious, loving, hilarious person who will bring her so much happiness. Seeing them laugh together is the best.

2.) Angela Zuill is also a precious gift in my life. I shot a Forever Session for her years ago and we became dear friends after that. I’ve watched her photography business grow and am so proud to call her my friend. As I sorted through her images of this wedding (which she volunteered to 2nd shoot on her BIRTHDAY) I was blown away at her talent. If anyone from Nashville is reading this, you should book her NOW. And by now I mean YESTERDAY. I included some of her images in this post because…well…she’s sort of amazing! Love you, Ute!

So get ready for a blog-xplosion of images because I’m a wee bit emotionally invested in this one. ;)

Posted on Mar 10, 2014

Even though I closed my business in December there have been two people who have asked me to shoot their wedding and I agreed to do so, as a gift. One being my husband’s cousin (TWO WEEKS Catherine!) and the other is a dear friend from Crossfit. Jeremy was part of our original crew when we opened our doors at CFSS and he is such an amazing young man. Always joyful and positive, Jeremy is one of those people who will be dying during a WOD and still cheering for you to finish your own reps. I love this kid. So, when he asked if I’d shoot the wedding, of course I agreed to capture him and his darling Anna!

Posted on Dec 21, 2013
Posted in Craftonia

A few weeks ago our Peanut girl shared an entry from her songwriting journal with us. Normally very protective and secretive of her lyrics, she loved this arrangement enough to ask my husband and I if we’d share it with our local Christian radio station (KLRC). The song is a beautiful expression of her faith and it moved us. Rev and I decided that we wanted to make a present out of her lyrics so I called some fabulous musician friends and asked them to expand on her creation. With only a few days until the holidays, and with no professional sound equipment, we met in Matt & Johanna’s living room last night to record “The First Christmas”. I cut it with some rough footage (I don’t normally shoot video so it’s VERY rough) of my daughter singing and writing in her song journal. Pajamas, hair in a pony tail, barefoot…this is our beautiful girl and her raw talent. Thank you M & J for helping us create a present that our darling 8 year old will never forget. You two are amazing and we’re thankful for your talent. She has no idea what we’re doing so feel free to leave a comment below for her and she’ll get to see them on Christmas morning! I wanted to share the song early because it truly leaves us in tears and I hope the creativity from our child brings joy to your holiday season.
Happy Holidays from the Crafton family!

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